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Hajj 2019

HAJJ 2019 (1439 H) has been performed from 08 ZH 1439 H till 13 ZH 1439 H (8.Aug 2019 to 13.Aug 2019). Eid ul Azha @ 10 ZH was in Saudi Arabia on Monday 12.Aug.2019, and in Pakistan on Tuesday 13.Aug.2019.
Hajj Day # 1: 08 ZH 1439 H (10 Aug 2019 in Saudi Arabia – Saturday):

Today is “Yum-e-Tarvia” (Day of Tarvia). The Manasik of 1432nd Hajj of Islamic History have started. Almost 2.5 million Muslims from all over the world, are arriving today in Mina camps before Zuhur prayer. Here in Mina they will offer five prayers; Zuhur, Asar,
Myghrib, Isha and Fajar prayers. Today Mina camp city echoed with voices of 2.5 million Muslims. Covering an area of 17 square kilometre, Mina camp city is located north east of Makkah 7 kilometres away.

Saudi Ministry of Hajj supplied maps of Mina camp city to all Hajj missions of Muslim countries. This year, the greatest number of Hajis (2.5 lakh) are from Indonesia. Pakistan ranks second position with 2 lakh Hajis.

Hajj Day # 2: 09 ZH 1439 H (11 Aug 2019 in Saudi Arabia – Sunday):

Today is “Yum-e-Arfa” (Day of Arfa), Hajis today traveled to Arafat (by train or by bus) to perform the greatest member of Hajj i.e. “Waqoof Arfa” (Stay in plain of Arfat). Jabal Rehmat (Mountain of Mercy) is also located in plain of Arafat.

Today Hajis heard Hajj khutba (lecture) in Masjid Namra and in their Mina camps of Arafat plain. The Hajj Khutba was delivered by Mufti-Azam (Grand Mufti) and Imam Kaba Sheikh Muhammad Bin Hasan. The key features of Hajj Khutba are:
Muslims should remove hate and strengthen themselves politicaly. The Muslim nation need to mold its political and econoic matters according to Islam. The beauty of society is mercy and good manners. The rulers with love and mercy are honorable to us. Allah has forbidden Riba and will raise riba eaters as mad on resurrection day. It is the order to treat parents with mercy. Similarly, rulers with their subjects, employees in offices and servants in houses should be treated with mercy. Dear Hujja! you are gathered at place of mercies revealing. keep busy in prayers. If Muslim has capacity and power, he must perform Hajj at least once in his life time. Tawhid and khatm-e-nabawat is included in members of Islam, and salat and zakat. Zakat is spent for welfare of poor, orphans. Allah
has power over everything and he is very merciful. Allah rainedwater from sky. Every Muslim is brother of other Muslim. Believers should pray for Maghfirat of each other. Allah commanded to treat wives with mercy. The way of salvation is in only to grip rope of Allah. One who fears Allah, Allah relieves him from fear of world and hereafter. Think again and again on this Universe and system established by Allah. Treat gently with relatives. Prophet asked to have mercy on residents of earth, then Allah will shower his mercy upon you. Establish cooperation and brotherhood among yourself with peace. Umma should establish mercy. Treat every one with mercy, no matter human or animal. Muslims should obey Allah and his messenger. Establish prayer and stop evil. believers should ask for mercy from Allah. Angels pray for mercy for believers. We should pat attention to mercy of Allah. Repent your sins. The doors of mercy of Allah are opened. Allah created humans and Jinns for his worship. Muslims should choose path of Taqwa. Grip strongly Tawheed and oneness of Allah. Mercy of Allah is very extensive. In the month of Ramadan, doors of mercy are opened. Allah bestows knowledge to whom he wills with his mercy. Prophet declared Umma as single body. Man will enter paradise with special mercy and Fazal of Allah. Offer Sajada to Allah. Make it a habit to recite Qur’an. One who does accountability of his Nafas, Allah bestows him cleanliness. Pardon mistakes to establish brotherhood. Traders should be honest in selling and trade. Mercy of Allah will be obtained with patience in troubles. One Muslim should not create troubles for his Muslim brother. Allah has 100 parts of mercies and so far, only 1 part has been distributed among humans and Jinns. Allah will distribute 99 mercies on day of judgement. Today pray for maghfirat for yourself and for your relatives. Prophet declared to end obscenity, adultery, ignorance and ignorant traditions. Alklah has prepared painful doom to those who spread obscenity and nakedness. The standard of honour in Islam is not color or race, but the best one is Muttaqi. The rich or poor are not superior to each other. The Khutba Hijjat ul Wida and prayer of Prophet are the sum of Islamic teachings. man should show gentleness in business affairs and deals. We ask for mercy of Allah in the world and hereafter. All youth, old and ladies should establish link with Masajid. Participate in the companies where Qur’an is taught. Mercy of Allah covers
such people. offer tahajjad prayer along with Farz prayer. Allah will make you his friend. When man obeys Allah and his messenger, then Allah covers him with mercy. The great reward is for those who establish peace between brothers. We should never disappoint
from mercy of Allah. Allah pardons when we come to court of Allah.

Imam Kaba prayed for unity of Muslim Umma and maghfirat of late Muslims.

In the current year, for the first time in History of Saudi Arabia, continually 3 Khutbas will be delivered for 3 days. First Khutba was of Friday, Second was Khutba Hajj and third was Khutba Eid ul Adha. More than 2 million Hajis reached plain of Arafat. The intense rain continued during Waqoof Arafa.

After hearing Khutba, Muslims offered Salat of Zuhur and Asar simultaneously in plain of Arafat. In the time between Asar and Maghrib prayer, Hajis performed “Waqof-e-Arfa” to ask prayers to Allah, begged for mercy and forgiveness of their sins. Atmosphere echoed by voices of “Labbaik Allah humma Labbaik”.

At sunset, Hajis left plain of Arafat without offering Maghrib paryer. They then moved towards Muzdalifa for night stay and worship there. After reaching Muzdalifa, Hajis offered Salat of Maghrib and Isha in one session, then they picked pebbles and performed night stay, worshipped & prayed below open sky in Muzdalifa.

The ceremony to change cover (Ghilaf) of Kaba occured today, in which head of Hurmain Sharefain matters Imam Dr Abdul Rehman Sudais and more than 100 relevant perons participated.

The Ghilaf was prepared at cost of 6 million Saudi Rials, with 120 kg gold and 100 kg silver, 670 kg pure silk. Ghilaf-e-Kaba is 50 ft long and 35 to 40 ft wide. Sura Al-Ikhlas is engraved on four corners of Ghilaf-e-Kaba. Furthermore, 16 strips consisting of Qur’anic
verses have been assembled separately, which are written with pure gold, silver and silk. The secretary of Sheikh Abdul Rehman Sudais, Mr. Ahmad Al-Mansoore told that; during changing process of Ghilaf-e-Kaba, one side portion is removed, then new Ghilaf is
wrapped, and then second, third and fourth portion is wrapped. First of all new Ghilaf is wrapped from Hateem side and spread from top to botttom. Ghilaf-ekaba is manufactured in King Abdul Aziz factory under supervision of 200 experts and organizers. This the factory in which, th elongest machine of the world is installed with 16 meter length. All necessary arrangements have been made according to latest techniques for manufacturing of Ghilafe-e-Kaba. This factory prepares new Ghilaf of Kaba every year, which is wrapped with Khana Kaba every year on 9 Zil Hajj with full respect and care. After removing Ghilaf-e-Kaba, its pieces are offered as gift to Heads of states, ambassadors and respectables of different countries. In 1962, Pakistan got chance to manufacture Ghilaf-e-Kaba.


Hajj Day # 3: 10 ZH 1439 H (12 Aug 2019 in Saudi Arabia – Monday):

Today is “Yum-e-Nahar” (Day of Sacrifice), and also “ 1st Yum-e-Rami” (1st Day of Rami). It is Eid ul Azha for Muslims in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries. Eid ul Azha in Pakistan will be celebrtaed tomorrow 13.Aug.2019.

Today Hajis passed a busy day. After Fajar prayer, they performed “Waqoof-e-Muzdalifa” (Stay at Muzdalifa for prayer and worship) and then returned to Mina to place back their luggage in Mina camp. Then they went to Jamrat to stone big Satan with 7 pebbles (they
may also go directly from Muzdalifa to Jamrat depending on location of their Mina camp or weight of luggage), sacrificed animals as thanks in Hajj (Sacrifice may be offered by Islamic development bank, or self-arrangements, or committees already formed by fellow Hajis in Mina camps), and then shaved their head to open Ihram dress and got relief from restrictions of Ihram.

Now they may go to Makkah to perform Twaf-e-Ziarat (though it may also be performed following day), they circled Kaba seven times, offered two Nwafil at Maqam-e-Ibrahim, they performed Sae of Safa Marwa in memory of Bibi Hajira and then returned to their Mina camps.
Hajj Day # 4: 11 ZH 1439 H (13 Aug 2019 in Saudi Arabia – Tuesday):

Today is “ 2nd Yum-e-Rami” (2nd Day of Rami). Today Hajis went to Jamrat to stone all three satans (devils) in Mina. Those Hajis who couldn’t perform Twaf-e-Ziarat yesterday, they went to Makkah to perform Twaf-e-Ziarat. After Twaf-e-Ziarat, they then returned to
Mina to pass night there.
Hajj Day # 5: 12 ZH 1439 H (14 Aug 2019 in Saudi Arabia – Wednesday):

Today is “3rd Yum-e-Rami” (3rd Day of Rami). Today Hajis again went to Jamrat to perform symbolic stoning of three satans (devils) in Mina. Then all Manasik Hajj (except Twaf-e-Wida, to be performed just before leaving Makkah) completed and return of Hajis to Makkah in their residences and hotels started today.

Note 1: Those Hajis who wanted to earn additional (optional) blessing, they maintained their stay in Mina today and passed night there. They will perform Rami following day in Mina before returning to their residences / hotels in Makkah.

Note 2: But if any Hajis today couldn’t leave Mina till sunset, then he would have to pass full night in Mina camp and will perform Rami (stoning of three satans in Jamrat) next day, after which they may return to Makkah.

Note 3: Those Hajis who couldn’t perform Twaf-e-Ziarat even yesterday, today was their last chance to go to Makkah and perform Twaf-e-Ziarat around Kaba. Failing to do so would cancel Hajj & all efforts null and void.
Hajj Additional Optional Day: 13 ZH 1439 H (15 Aug 2019 in Saudi Arabia – Thursday):

Hajj 2019 had completed yesterday, and lot of Hajis returned to Makkah / their residences. However, today is optional and last day of Hajj Rami (stoning of three pillars representing satans in Jamrat, Mina). It is for those Hajis who stayed in Mina yesterday till sunset.

Today all remaining Hajis, after Rami, left Mina and Manasik Hajj of all Hajis completed today.

Today was also 3rd last day of Eid al-Adha for those Muslims who celebrated Eid on 13.August. The end of the Hajj is marked by the three-day celebration of Eid al-Adha, an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide. The days of Eid are days
reserved for remembrance, eating and drinking. It is time to remember great sacrifice offered by Prophet Abraham.


This description of hajj 2019 was translated into English from Urdu by me, source is Urdu news papers of Pakistan Dunya News and
Express News.