I performed Hajj in 1433H (HAJJ 2012), thanks to Allah. Here I am presenting my feelings, learnings and expressions in form of down loadable albums / sideshows with animated maps, information and suitable background audio.


Regeneration of Hajj experience & tour of Makkah Medina.

Download, watch, listen & experience !


How much I am successful in meeting this objective? Decision is up to you! You can give me your comments/suggestions in this regard.


Before and during Hajj, I had no idea of establishing a website for Hajj. At that time (Oct-Nov 2012), I just wanted to save my golden time passed in Hajj, Makkah and Medina in my camera so that later I may be able to see them again whenever I want. I also regularly wrote my diary there. One person in Masjid Nabvi; when he saw me busy in writing diary, asked “Are you writing a book on Hajj?” I replied, “No!, book is something else. I am writing my memory, it is raw material, when I shall go back to home, then this raw material can be one input of a Project to produce output in form of book, presentation etc.

In Nov 2012, when I returned from Hajj, I started the assembly of my Hajj images, maps, information and suitable audio for production of Hajj Albums/Slide shows to enhance spiritual experience.

In Dec 2012, I started sharing my Hajj Albums/ Slide shows with others as E-mail attachment. I decided to release one album in one week, to maintain balance between Quality and Quantity. Soon, problem came that maximum E-mail attachment size allowed was only 25 MB. Many Albums couldn’t be sent on email to others, to solve this problem, I started use of Drop Box Website.

In Jan 2013, problem came to combine all different long download links of Drop Box under a single and simple web address, solution to this problem came when I approached Word Press Website, thus, in end of Jan 2013, I registered my domain name at Word Press.

In Feb 2013, I designed my website for an easy access of others to download these Hajj albums / slide shows, to watch those scenes, feel the spiritual experience of Hajj and learn something. Thus this website is the end product of the milestones that I covered in past several months. If each album / sideshow is considered as a Project, then this website is the Program Management to present these Projects under one Roof. Each Album is a Project, and its milestones are its physical contents; i.e satellite views, aerial views, maps, images, information, audio, lyrics, translation, video and credits.

In May 2013, after a struggle of six months (Dec 2012 – May 2013) this Project of making video presentations completed when I uploaded my last planned 25th presentation on my website.

In July 2013, I wrote an article “USE OF GOOGLE EARTH IN VIDEO PRESENTATIONS OF TRAVEL & TOUR” which has published in official forum of Google Earth Community, Education > Educators: A Discussion area for educators using Google Earth.
I wrote this article for “Open Forum”, it was picked by TheLedge (GEC Moderator) for Educators forum. I have described 22 methods with examples of my travel presentations at my website.
Click here to read.

In Dec 2016, I visited England and uploaded the videos on You Tube. Click here to view. please like your favorite videos, and subscribe for future updates.