Date here means “Release Date” . Size indicates disk space occupied by Album. Play time is time to watch album / sideshow. KBPS is “Kilo Bit Per Second”, it is obtained by dividing size (KB) with play time(sec), it shows minimum required Internet connection speed / transfer rate to watch smoothly Albums in 15 minutes preview at website of Drop Box (To watch full albums, click at download button in Drop Box, download, save and then play; Total Play time of all 25 albums is 5 hours 6 mins. Website is still updated even release of last Hajj album on 19 May 2013).

Hajj album 25- Airports

Date: 19 May 2013, Size=29.6 MB, Play time=18 min 26s, KBPS=27.4

Hajj album 24- 7 Secrets of Makkah

Date: 12 May 2013, Size=30.9 MB, Play time=14 min 29s, KBPS=36.4

Hajj album 23- 7 Secrets of Medina

Date: 04 May 2013, Size=29.4 MB, Play time=12 min 33s, KBPS=39.9

Hajj album 22-Distance & Direction

Date: 27 Apr 2013, Size=29.6 MB, Play time=11 min 39s, KBPS=43.3

Hajj album 21-Medina Satellite views

Date: 21 Apr 2013, Size=46.8 MB, Play time=21 min 10s, KBPS=37.7

Hajj album 20-Ziarat Bus Medina

Date: 13 Apr 2013, Size=32.9 MB, Play time=14 min 13s, KBPS=39.4

Hajj album 19-Ya Taiba

Date: 06 April 2013, Size=30.3 MB, Play time=14 min 22s, KBPS=36.0

Hajj album 18-Battlefield Khandaq

Date: 30 Mar 2013, Size=22 MB, Play time=10 min 21s, KBPS=36.2

Hajj album 17-Battlefield Uhud

Date: 22 Mar 2013, Size=30.2 MB, Play time=11 min 55s, KBPS=43.2

Hajj album 16 -Ziarat Walk Medina

Date: 16 Mar 2013, Size=28.5 MB, Play time=12 min 18s, KBPS=39.5

Hajj album 15 -Around Roza Rasool

Date: 08 Mar 2013, Size=19.6 MB, Play time=12 min 5s, KBPS=27.6

Hajj album 14 -Masjid Nabvi 

Date: 01 Mar 2013, Size=15.7 MB, Play time=10 min 15s, KBPS=26.1

Hajj album 13-Going to Medina

Date: 22 Feb 2013, Size=24 MB, Play time=11 min 41s, KBPS=35

Hajj album 12-Makkah Satellite views

Date: 15 Feb 2013, Size=14.6 MB, Play time=5 min 36s, KBPS=44.4

Hajj album 11-Makkah Streets

Date: 08 Feb 2013, Size= 27.8 MB, Play time=12 min 4s, KBPS=39.3

Hajj album 10-Kaba & Haram

Date: 01 Feb 2013, Size= 27.4 MB, Play time=12 min 22s, KBPS=37.8

Hajj album 9-Going to Masjid AlHaram

Date: 24 Jan 2013, Size= 19.5 MB, Play time=11 min 40s, KBPS=28.5

Hajj album 8-Makkah Clock Tower

Date: 18.Jan 2013, Size=18.7 MB, Play time=9 min 8s, KBPS=34.9

Hajj album 7-Ziarat Bus Makkah

Date: 11 Jan 2013, Size= 21.4 MB, Play time=13 min 51s, KBPS=26.4

Hajj album 6-Jabal-e-Noor

Date: 04 Jan 2013, Size= 29.6 MB, Play time=16 min 51s, KBPS=30.0

Hajj album 5-Jabal-e-Sor

Date: 29 Dec 2012, Size= 28.8 MB, Play time=16 min 51s, KBPS=29.2

Hajj album 4-Jabal-e-Rehmat

Date: 22 Dec 2012, Size=14.2 MB, Play time=5 min 16s, KBPS=46.0

Hajj album 3-Makkah Ziarat Walk

Date: 14 Dec 2012, Size=23.1 MB, Play time=8 min 1s, KBPS=49.2