Flight and Hotel are something necessary to care about in every travel. Here I explain some necessary websites that will help you to plan your flight and travel to Saudi Arabia.

1- For flights, the national airlines are always easy and cheap solution. Thus for Pakistani pilgrims, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is the first option to consider. Official website of PIA is:
Reservation, Schedule, Seat availability, Flight Status and My Booking are important links.

2- Pilgrims of other countries may search official website of their national airlines through Google.

3- Now let’s turn to Hotels. Some important on line Hotel Search and Booking Websites are:
4- I have also demonstrated use of these hotel search websites in my 11th Hajj Album.

5- http://travel.yahoo.com
Find prices of flights, hotels, cars, cruises and vacation rentals any where any time. Get travel ideas, travel guide and  trip plans. Book a trip. Read featured articles. Explore the world by map. Find a city or country. Top cities, hotels in top destinations, Search travel or search web and much more.

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  1. absolutegrace

    Thank you for visiting my site and commenting! You have some beautiful pictures on your site! I pray God sheds His peace and light in your heart! Blessings and kindest regards, Linda

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