Hajj 2021

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Hajj 2021 is expected to begin in Saturday 17 July 2021 and ends in Thursday 22 July 2021. Dates may vary, depending on moon sighting (Rowait Hilal). The Hajj occurs between the 8th ~ 12th of Zul-Hijjah (last month of the Islamic calendar). The Islamic day begins at sunset. The days of Hajj 2021 are estimated to be as follows:

  • “Pre” Yaumut Tarwiyah = 07 ZH 1441 H = 17-July-2021
  • Yaumut Tarwiyah = 08 ZH 1441H = 18-July-2021
  • Yaumul Wuquf = 09 ZH 1441H = 19-July-2021
  • Yaumun Nahr = 10 ZH 1441H = 20-July-2021
  • Ayyamut Tashriq = 11-12 ZH 1441H = 21-22 July 2021
  • Additional Optional Day: 13 ZH 1441H= 23-July-2021


Some important dates before Hajj 2021 would be:

  • Nearly 100 days after 01 Ramzan is “Eid ul Azha” that is in Hajj Days.
  • Nearly 70 days after Eid ul Fitr is Eid ul Azha that is in Hajj Days.
  • Nearly 70 days between Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha are called Months of Hajj (full Shawal, full Zil Qaeda & first week of Zil Hajj).


In months of Hajj; one can perform Umrah as first step of Hajj Tamatu.



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