Hajj 2017

HAJJ 2017 (1438 H) has been performed from 08 ZH 1438 H till 13 ZH 1438 H (30.Aug 2017 to 03 Sep 2017). Eid ul Azha @ 10 ZH was in Saudi Arabia on Friday 1.Sep.2017, and in Pakistan on Saturday 2.Sep.2017.


Hajj Day # 1: 08 ZH 1438 H (30 Aug 2017 – Wednesday):

Today is “Yum-e-Tarvia” (Day of Tarvia). The Manasik of 1430th Hajj of Islamic History have started. More than two million Muslims from all over the world, are arriving today in Mina camps before Zuhur prayer. Here in Mina they will offer five prayers; Zuhur, Asar, Myghrib, Isha and Fajar prayers. Today Mina camp city echoed with voices of more than two million Muslims. Covering an area of 17 square kilometer, Mina camp city is located north east of Makkah 7 kilometers away.

Saudi Director General Passport Brigadier General Suleman Al-Yahya told that; so far, 17,35,391 pilgrims have reached Holy Hijaz. The foreigners in other cities of Saudi Arabia were issued 73,488 permits to go to Makkah. This year, in the number of Hajj pilgrims, Indonesia is at top with 2,21,000 pilgrims and Pakistan is at second number with 1,79,200 pilgrims.


Hajj Day # 2: 09 ZH 1438 H (31 Aug 2017 – Thursday):

Today is “Yum-e-Arfa” (Day of Arfa), Hajis today traveled to Arafat (by train or by bus) to perform the greatest member of Hajj i.e. “Waqoof Arfa” (Stay in plain of Arfat). Jabal Rehmat (Mountain of Mercy) is also located in plain of Arafat.

Today Hajis heard Hajj khutba (lecture) in Masjid Namra. Sheikh Sa’ad bin Nasir Ashtri delivered Hajj khutba. He asked Muslim rulers to govern according to Qur’an, Ummah shouldn’t be divided, Protect Hadoods of Allah, Brutality with non-Muslims is also prohibited, May Allah return Mosque Aqsa to Muslims.

After hearing Khutba, Muslims offered Salat of Zuhur and Asar simultaneously in plain of Arafat. In the time between Asar and Maghrib prayer, Hajis performed “Waqof-e-Arfa” to ask prayers to Allah, begged for mercy and forgiveness of their sins. Atmosphere echoed by voices of “Labbaik Allah humma Labbaik”.

At sunset, Hajis left plain of Arafat without offering Maghrib paryer. They then moved towards Muzdalifa for night stay and worship there. After reaching Muzdalifa, Hajis offered Salat of Maghrib and Isha in one session, then they picked pebbles and performed night stay, worshipped & prayed below open sky in Muzdalifa.

Strict Security measures have been implemented by Saudi Government and at different points, more than 100,000 security guards were deployed. The ceremony to change cover (Ghilaf) of Kaba will take place today, in which Governor Makkah, Saudi officials, Ambassadors of Muslim countries and special delegates will participate. The Ghilaf is prepared at cost of 2,00,00,000 Saudi Rials, with 150 kg pure gold and silver, and 670 kg silk is used. Qur’anic verses are written on Ghilaf Kaswa with gold wires with expertise. Old Ghilaf is removed and is distributed to important persons and religious organizations as a holy gift (tabarruk).


Hajj Day # 3: 10 ZH 1438 H (01 Sep 2017 – Friday):

Today is “Yum-e-Nahar” (Day of Sacrifice), and also “ 1st Yum-e-Rami” (1st Day of Rami). It is Eid ul Azha for Muslims in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries.

Today Hajis passed a busy day. After Fajar prayer, they performed “Waqoof-e-Muzdalifa” (Stay at Muzdalifa for prayer and worship) and then returned to Mina to place back their luggage in Mina camp. Then they went to Jamrat to stone big Satan with 7 pebbles (they may also go directly from Muzdalifa to Jamrat depending on location of their Mina camp), sacrificed animals as thanks in Hajj (Sacrifice may be offered by Islamic development bank, or self-arrangements, or committees already formed by fellow Hajis in Mina camps), and then shaved their head to open Ihram dress and got relief from restrictions of Ihram.

Now they may go to Makkah to perform Twaf Ziarat (though it may also be performed following day), they circled Kaba seven times, offered two nwafil at Maqam-e-Ibrahim, they performed Sae of Safa Marwa in memory of Bibi Hajira and then returned to their Mina camps.

Minister of Religious Affairs of Pakistan, Sardar Muhummad Yusuf monitored the arrangements for Pakistani Hajis. He visited the camps of Pakistani pilgrims in Mina and expressed his satisfaction on the arrangements.


Hajj Day # 4: 11 ZH 1438 H (2 Sep 2017 – Saturday):

Today is “ 2nd Yum-e-Rami” (2nd Day of Rami). Today Hajis went to Jamrat to stone all three satans (devils) in Mina. Those Hajis who couldn’t perform Twaf-e-Ziarat yesterday, they went to Makkah to perform Twaf-e-Ziarat. After Twaf-e-Ziarat, they then returned to Mina to pass night there.

Departure from Muzdalifa to Mina and then from Mina to Jamrat bridge was peaceful and no accident took place. According to Saudi media, in Medina and Holy Masha’ir at the hospitals of Ministry of health, so far, 2489 Hajis have been operated. 21 Hajis were operated by heart. According to official data released by Saudi government, this year 23,52,122 pilgrims offered Hajj. Haram security force restored 130 lost children to their parents.


Hajj Day # 5: 12 ZH 1438 H (3 Sep 2017 – Sunday):

Today is “3rd Yum-e-Rami” (3rd Day of Rami). Today Hajis again went to Jamrat to perform symbolic stoning of three satans (devils) in Mina. Then all Manasik Hajj (except Twaf-e-Wida, to be performed just before leaving Makkah) completed and return of Hajis to Makkah in their residences and hotels started today.

Note 1: Those Hajis who wanted to earn additional (optional) blessing, they maintained their stay in Mina today and passed night there. They will perform Rami following day in Mina before returning to their residences / hotels in Makkah.

Note 2: But if any Haji today couldn’t leave Mina till sunset, then he would have to pass full night in Mina camp and will perform Rami (stoning of three satans in Jamrat) next day, after which they may return to Makkah.

Note 3: Those Hajis who couldn’t perform Twaf-e-Ziarat even yesterday, today was their last chance to go to Makkah and perform Twaf-e-Ziarat around Kaba. Failing to do so would cancel Hajj.


Hajj Additional Optional Day: 13 ZH 1438 H (4 Sep 2017 – Monday):

Hajj 2017 had completed yesterday, and many Hajis returned to Makkah / their residences. However, today is optional and last day of Hajj Rami (stoning of three pillars representing satans in Jamrat, Mina). It is for those Hajis who stayed in Mina yesterday till sunset.

Today all remaining Hajis, after Rami, left Mina and Manasik Hajj of all Hajis completed today.

Today was also 3rd last day of Eid al-Adha for Muslims all over the world. The end of the Hajj is marked by the three-day celebration of Eid al-Adha, an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide. The days of Eid are days reserved for remembrance, eating and drinking.


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