Hajj 2020

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HAJJ 2020 (1441 H) has been performed from 08 ZH 1441 H till 13 ZH 1441 H (29 Jul 2020 to 02 Aug 2020). Eid ul Azha @ 10 ZH was in Saudi Arabia on Friday 31 Jul 2020, and in Pakistan on Saturday 1 Aug 2020.


Hajj Day # 1: 08 ZH 1441 H (29 Jul 2020 in Saudi Arabia – Wednesday):

Today is “Yum-e-Tarvia” (Day of Tarvia). The Manasik of Hajj of have started. In Hajj 2019, almost 2.5 million Muslims from all over the world participated, but this year, due to Pandemic Covid-19, only 10,000 Hajis residing in Saudi Arabia are participated. The 70% Hajis are foreigners living in Saudi Arabai and 30% Hajis are Saudi Arabians. The precautionary measures of masks, social distance and use of sanitizers are implemented and all Hajis have been instructed to follow SOPs strictly.

Social distance was maintained, even during twaf around Kaba.

Hajis are arriving today in Mina camps before Zuhur prayer. Here in Mina they will offer five prayers; Zuhur, Asar, Myghrib, Isha and Fajar prayers. Today Mina camp city echoed with voices of 10,000 Muslims. Covering an area of 17 square kilometer, Mina camp city is located north east of Makkah 7 kilometres away.

Caravan of Hajis moved from Makkah to Mina along with troops of security forces, medical teams, mobile hospital and representative officials of associated organizations.

Sadar umoor harmain sharefain Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Sudais stated that; current year, Hajj khutba will be transmitted in ten languages instead of five languages, in which Urdu is also included.

Like every year, current year, the old ghilaf e Kaba has been replaced with new ghilaf e Kaba. This change of ghilaf ceremony was presided by Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Sudais. Ghilafe Kaba has been manufactured in kiswa factory of King Abdul Aziz ghilaf complex. In its manufacturing, 670 kg pure silk, 120 kg gold and 100 kg silver thread has been used. In ghilafe kaba, the Quranic verses are written with pure Gold, Silver and Silk.

Here for the first time in history of Saudi Arabia, ladies have been inducted in Makkah police for guidance and service of Hajis.

Governor Makkah and head of central Hajj committee prince Khalid Al Faisal stated; that this year 40,000 personnel are deployed to service of Hajis in spite of restricted Hajj. On account of illegal entry into Hajj premises, 244 persons have been arrested, as informed by official Saudi news agency, citing spokesman of security forces.

To maintain social distance at Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Namra, places were marked there.



Hajj Day # 2: 09 ZH 1441 H (30 Jul 2020 in Saudi Arabia – Thursday):

Today is “Yum-e-Arfa” (Day of Arfa), Hajis today traveled to Arafat (by train or by bus) to perform the greatest member of Hajj i.e. “Waqoof Arfa” (Stay in plain of Arfat). Jabal Rehmat (Mountain of Mercy) is also located in plain of Arafat.

Today Hajis heard Hajj khutba (sermon) in Masjid Namra and in their Mina camps of Arafat plain. The Hajj Khutba was delivered by Shah Abdullah bin Suleman Almania. He is member and consultant in senior scholars’ council of Royal court. The key features of Hajj Khutba are:

  • Due to sins, we were passed through test of Covid-19, Allah has not sent any disease, which has not treatment.
  • Allah’s apostles said that; if epidemic of black death spreads, then you shouldn’t go there, and those who were living there, shouldn’t leave that area.
  • At this time, there is great economic problems due to epidemic, traders should cooperate with each other to get rid of this trouble.
  • Problems don’t remain forever; Muslims should keep away from kharafat (illegal acts).
  • Islam presents to spread any fitna.
  • It is haram (prohibited) to eat interest and money of orphans.
  • Those who adopt Taqwa, they remain safe from poverty.

After hearing Khutba, Muslims offered Salat of Zuhur and Asar simultaneously in plain of Arafat. In the time between Asar and Maghrib prayer, Hajis performed “Waqof-e-Arfa” to ask prayers to Allah, begged for mercy and forgiveness of their sins. Atmosphere echoed by voices of “Labbaik Allah humma Labbaik”.

At sunset, Hajis left plain of Arafat without offering Maghrib paryer. They then moved towards Muzdalifa for night stay and worship there. After reaching Muzdalifa, Hajis offered Salat of Maghrib and Isha in one session, then they picked pebbles and performed night stay, worshipped & prayed below open sky in Muzdalifa.


Hajj Day # 3: 10 ZH 1441 H (31 Jul 2020 in Saudi Arabia – Friday):

Today is “Yum-e-Nahar” (Day of Sacrifice), and also “ 1st Yum-e-Rami” (1st Day of Rami). It is Eid ul Azha for Muslims in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries. Eid ul Azha in Pakistan will be celebrated tomorrow 1 Aug 2020.

Today Hajis passed a busy day. After Fajar prayer, they performed “Waqoof-e-Muzdalifa” (Stay at Muzdalifa for prayer and worship) and then returned to Mina to place back their luggage in Mina camp. Then they went to Jamrat to stone big Satan with 7 pebbles (they may also go directly from Muzdalifa to Jamrat depending on location of their Mina camp or weight of luggage), sacrificed animals as thanks in Hajj (Sacrifice may be offered by Islamic development bank, or self-arrangements, or committees already formed by fellow Hajis in Mina camps), and then shaved their head to open Ihram dress and got relief from restrictions of Ihram.

Now they may go to Makkah to perform Twaf-e-Ziarat (though it may also be performed following day), they circled Kaba seven times, offered two Nwafil at Maqam-e-Ibrahim, they performed Sae of Safa Marwa in memory of Bibi Hajira and then returned to their Mina camps.

Today at masjid Al Haram and Masjid Nabvi, great gathering happened. Great number of people offer Eid Al Adha prayer. In all Saudi Arabia including Makkah and Medina, social distance was taken care of and precautionary measures were completed implemented due to Covod-19. Special prayers were made for the end of Covid-19 epidemic, greatness of Islam and security and development of Muslim nation.

Sauid Hajj Ministry provided bags of sanitized pebbles to Hajis for rami (stoning of Satan).

Khadim Harmanin Sharefain, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and crown prince Muhammad bin Suleman has congratulated Muslim leaders on the time of Eid ul Adha from themselves and from Saudi people. Saudi leaders prayed for the end of epidemic of corona virus.


Hajj Day # 4: 11 ZH 1441 H (1 Aug 2020 in Saudi Arabia – Saturday):

Today is “ 2nd Yum-e-Rami” (2nd Day of Rami). Today Hajis went to Jamrat to stone all three satans (devils) in Mina. Those Hajis who couldn’t perform Twaf-e-Ziarat yesterday, they went to Makkah to perform Twaf-e-Ziarat. After Twaf-e-Ziarat, they then returned to Mina to pass night there.


Hajj Day # 5: 12 ZH 1441 H (2 Aug 2020 in Saudi Arabia – Sunday):

Today is “3rd Yum-e-Rami” (3rd Day of Rami). Today Hajis again went to Jamrat to perform symbolic stoning of three satans (devils) in Mina. Then all Manasik Hajj (except Twaf-e-Wida, to be performed just before leaving Makkah) completed and return of Hajis to Makkah in their residences and hotels started today.

Note 1: Those Hajis who wanted to earn additional (optional) blessing, they maintained their stay in Mina today and passed night there. They will perform Rami following day in Mina before returning to their residences / hotels in Makkah.

Note 2: But if any Hajis today couldn’t leave Mina till sunset, then he would have to pass full night in Mina camp and will perform Rami (stoning of three satans in Jamrat) next day, after which they may return to Makkah.

Note 3: Those Hajis who couldn’t perform Twaf-e-Ziarat even yesterday, today was their last chance to go to Makkah and perform Twaf-e-Ziarat around Kaba. Failing to do so would cancel Hajj & all efforts null and void.


Hajj Additional Optional Day: 13 ZH 1441 H (3 Aug 2020 in Saudi Arabia – Monday):

Hajj 2020 had completed yesterday, and lot of Hajis returned to Makkah / their residences. However, today is optional and last day of Hajj Rami (stoning of three pillars representing satans in Jamrat, Mina). It is for those Hajis who stayed in Mina yesterday till sunset.

Today all remaining Hajis, after Rami, left Mina and Manasik Hajj of all Hajis completed today.

Today was also 3rd last day of Eid al-Adha for those Muslims who celebrated Eid on 1 August 2020 in Pakistan. The end of the Hajj is marked by the three-day celebration of Eid al-Adha, an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide. The days of Eid are days reserved for remembrance, eating and drinking. It is time to remember great sacrifice offered by Prophet Abraham.



This description of Hajj 2020 was translated into English from Urdu by me, source is Urdu newspapers of Pakistan Dunya News and Express News.



Coronavirus (Old Updates) :


Saudi Arabia to hold ‘very limited’ Hajj 2020 due to coronavirus. The kingdom will hold Hajj 2020 for a limited number of people from all nationalities living in Saudi Arabia, reports Al Jazeera, click here for details.

Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia bars international pilgrims for Hajj, BBC reported. Click herefor details.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said the annual pilgrimage would be restricted to a very limited numbers of pilgrims of all nationalities who are already residing in the country, the CNN reported. Click here for details.

Saudi Arabia Drastically Limits Hajj Pilgrimage to Prevent Viral Spread. Saudi Arabia said only “very limited numbers” of pilgrims could perform the hajj this year, with only Saudis and foreign nationals already in the kingdom allowed to take part, New York Times reported. Click here for details.

Read Urdu article of Express news about limited Hajj 2020. Click here.


Useful websites to keep update about Hajj are:

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The Consular Section of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC has the honor to inform all Pilgrims that it will start issuing Hajj visas, which are granted gratis, from Mid-Shawwal until 29th Dhu Al-Qudah of each year. Hajj visas are not valid for work or residency. Click at the link above for further details.

3Ministry of Religious Affairs, Pakistan:- Click here
This is the website of Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA), Govt of Pakistan. MORA is responsible for the pilgrimage beyond Pakistan, Muslims pilgrims visits to India for Ziarat and Saudi Arabia for Umra & Hajj. It is also responsible for the welfare and safety of pilgrims and zairines. Be sure to check out the flashing news in Events/Highlights section of home page. The main activities also include research based Islamic studies, holding of conferences, seminars ,training education of Ulemas and Khateebs , exchange of visits of scholars of Islamic learning with the liaison amongst foreign and international institutions.

4King Abdul Aziz Public Library for Hajj:– Click here
This is official website from King Abdul Aziz Public Library for Hajj. It is in English, Arabic, Urdu and French languages. This website endeavors to provide a rich resource of text and media not only of the current work taking place but also of both historic and future plans of the Hajj expansion program, to provide pilgrims with a peaceful and safe spiritual journey to the heart of their Islam, the Hajj.

5Official Hajj updates from Govt of Pakistan:– Click here
It is website from MORA, Govt of Pakistan with details about Hajj and its latest news and updates. Sometimes this website does not work properly, in this case, follow its parent MORA link already shown above.

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